Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse

It’s a known fact. Every little cowgirl needs a pony of her very own. Our little cowgirl is still a bit too tiny to have her very own real horse… Even though she’s already made her first ride with her daddy on his…

Klara's First Horse Ride

BUT I found a fun way for her to have her very own horse to enjoy until she’s old enough to have the real thing. Or at least old enough to ride her bouncy horse… 😉

A horse wall sticker from Icon Wall Stickers.

Horse Wall Sticker

They have all kinds of fun wall stickers to choose from including several different horse stickers. I was able to choose the sticker I wanted for Klara’s wall, the size I wanted and then the color. I chose this Galloping Horse Sticker in the small size and nut brown color.

When it arrived it was on one large sheet… I was nervous about applying such a large sticker to the wall, but the instructions included made the process quite easy.

Step 1: Tape the four corners of the sticker with masking tape to the wall. You want the see through side facing out and the more opaque side against the wall. Tape a strip of masking tape through the middle of the sticker to serve as your anchor point.

applying a large sticker to the wall

Step 2: Remove the tape from one side of the vinyl. Peel the back off the sticker to the middle (to the anchor tape). Cut the backing off as close the anchor tape as possible.

applying a large vinyl to a wall

Step 3: Smooth the sticker onto the wall using a credit card to remove any bubbles. It’s best to work from the middle out.

Horse Wall Vinyl

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other side of the sticker.

Step 5: Carefully peel away the top clear paper leaving your fun new wall sticker in place.

Little Cowgirl Bedroom

Now Miss Klara has her very own horsey on the wall of her bedroom/nursery. I hope to share more of the room with you sometime soon. Including those hair ribbon holders you can just get a peek of in some of these photos. 🙂 It’s a little cowgirl theme and the horse was a perfect addition.

The sticker itself was easy to apply, especially with the instructions that came with it. A word of caution though, our walls are textured so it took some time to really get everything smoothed out so that it would adhere to the wall. But once it was finished it turned out really nice.

Your turn: Do you have a theme for your child’s nursery or bedroom? What is it?

Disclosure: I received the horse wall sticker from Icon Wall Stickers in exchange for this review. As always opinions shared here are 100% my own!
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Sauerkraut and Lit’l Smokies Recipe

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Hillshire Farm but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #buy3save3  http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO

My life has changed a lot since having my baby girl in July. It seems like I have more to get done in a single day now than I ever had to do in a week before… I’m assuming most busy moms feel like that. Especially moms who work either from or away from the home. There’s the little ones to care for, the home to tend, a job… And that’s all before lunchtime even rolls around. Mommas out there?? Am I right??

One of the ways I cut down on the busyness is by making quick and easy recipes for lunch or dinnertime. One of my go to, all time favorite easy recipes is Sauerkraut and Lit’l Smokies. Seriously, there is nothing easier than this!!!

Sauerkraut and Lit'l Smokies Recipe

It requires only two ingredients plus a dash of salt and pepper; a jar of sauerkraut and a package of Lit’l Smokies. The Chedder Lit’l Smokies from Hillshire Farm are my favorite!!

quick and easy lunch recipe

Literally all you have to do is drain some of the juice off the jar of sauerkraut, then pour it and the package of Lit’l Smokies into a skillet.

Hillshire Farm Recipe

Sprinkle the entire thing with a little salt and pepper. Let the skillet heat on medium-high until the smokies are warmed all the way through… About 5-8 minutes or so.

Then serve! I like to eat mine in a bowl for lunch by itself or served with bread and butter for dinner.

Hillshire Farm Lit'l Smokes and Sauerkraut

I purchased the ingredients for this quick and easy recipe at Safeway. This week, if you’re signed up for their “Just for U” program you will save $3 when you buy 3 Hillshire Farm products. That includes those yummy Hillshire Farm Cheddar Lit’l Smokies!!

If you’re not a sauerkraut fan… Cause let’s be honest, people tend to either love it or hate it, it seems… 😉 You can find all kinds of other yummy recipes at the Hillshire Farm website here. OR you can follow Hillshire Farm on Facebook and Twitter.

Your turn: What’s your favorite quick and easy recipe?? AND/OR are you/aren’t you a sauerkraut fan??

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces

Disclosure: I received the materials for this project from Consumer Crafts as part of a campaign for The Blueprint Social.

This past Saturday I hosted a bridal shower for one of my best friends. The theme? Rustic but feminine. I have several fun photos from the shower itself to show you and I will sometime next week, but today let’s focus on the centerpieces!

rustic mason jar centerpieces

To make these centerpieces you’ll need:

jar centerpieces

Step 1: Measure, cut and glue burlap ribbon around the center of each mason jar. To glue the ribbon down I drew a strip of hot glue in the center of each jar, wrapped the ribbon around and drew another strip of glue over the top of the first strip.

mason jars for bridal shower

Step 2: Measure, cut and wrap a piece of the suede lace around the center of each mason jar, centered over the burlap. Tie the ends in a knot. I didn’t glue down the suede lace so I can easily change it out for future parties. You might use white ribbon for a wedding, pink lace for a little girl’s birthday, etc…

Mason Jar Centerpieces

Step 3: Place a bandana in the center of your table, center a mason jar on the bandana and fill the mason jar with baby’s breath flowers! Viola! Centerpiece complete.

Bonus Step: Use extra mason jars to hold utensils and extra bandanas as table decorations on the food table. Utilizing the extra materials ties the rest of the bridal shower decorations together.

bandana bridal shower

I may have even used extra materials to make a ‘bridal shower mason jar wishing well’ instead of a guest book for the bride! 😉 I hope you’ll stop back by next week to see that project!

Happy crafting lovelies!!

For more fun mason jar crafting materials and ideas check out Consumer Crafts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and their blog! OR check out the links below for ideas from my fellow bloggers!

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Personalized Products from CafePress

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of CafePress. As always opinions shared here are 100% my own!

Who doesn’t love taking a fun item and making it their own!?! I have always love personalized products… I like seeing my own name or my own ideas on something I use everyday. That’s where this new site I was just introduced to comes in. Meet CafePress! They are the “world’s largest selection of artist-designed t-shirts, clothing, accessories, housewares and gifts”.

You can choose from all kinds of pre-designed items OR use their amazing design tool to make and design your own items. For example, I used their design your own t-shirt tool and created a t-shirt for my photography business! How cool is that!?! It allowed me to choose from all kinds of graphics or upload my own images!

Womens_Burnout_TeeIf you’re not into completely designing on your own there are hundreds of custom products you can choose from and just add a touch of personalization, like a name. Things like tote bags, drink glasses, phone cases, even underwear!!!

phonecaseCafePress also has a huge selection of invitations. They have funny birthday invites, 1st birthday invitations, Christmas invitations and much more. They basically give you a fun idea and then you take your information like the date, venue, time, etc and fill it in! Easy, peasy!

In dog years I'm dead birthday Invitations

I am excited to be able to review a product for them soon and I can’t wait to share that with you! In the meantime be sure to check out CafePress.com for your next unique gift idea, team t-shirt, or other fun personalized item!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

A Place of Honor on My Vanity

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Clearasil, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #SuperFruits  http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO.

A lot of things have changed since we found out we were expecting Klara. Almost everything changed for the better!! But there are one or two things that haven’t been so positive… Like my skin. While I was pregnant I really didn’t worry about it too much. I mean, let’s be honest, when you’re expecting your first little one there are so many other things that occupy your thoughts more than doing something about your suddenly less than stellar complexion! When Klara was just over a month old I decided it was past time to get my healthy skin back!

Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite skin care product… Clearasil’s NEW! Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Cleansers!

Clearasil Product Review

As you can see it has clearly earned a place of honor on my vanity! Historically I haven’t followed the most consistent skin care regimen. Back in high school I was one of those stereotypical pimple faced teenagers. I spent my primitive high school years trying every face wash I could get my hands on, committing to each one hoping for results… Then about the time I went into college my face decided to clear up for the most part with a stray blemish popping up only every now and then. So, I relaxed with my routine and tended to use whatever facial cleanser that happened to catch my eye in the store. Which brings us to the present and my post-pregnancy blemished face.

Clearasil Review

Yep, that’s me with no makeup on, a few unsightly blemishes and a glimmer of hope that this new Clearasil face wash would help my complexion.

You guys! I have been using the gel face wash shown above for almost two weeks now and I love it! The fruity scent is light and refreshing. My skin feels clean, but not dry after every wash and my blemishes are all but gone!!! Needless to say I’m sold! Me, again without makeup…

Clearasil After Photo

Post-baby skin (✓)!!! Now if I could just fit into those pre-pregnancy jeans! 😉

Want to try Clearasil’s NEW! Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Cleansers for yourself? The entire line can be purchased at Wal-Mart for less than $5! Oh and BONUS = Here’s a $1 off coupon just for you! 😉 So you can try your choice of the three cleansers for LESS THAN $4!!!! (Hopefully your Wal-Mart isn’t sold out of the other two kinds like mine was!!!)

Clearasil at walmart

Happy shopping lovelies!!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

Spice Up Family Nights with Mexican-Themed Bingo

This is a guest post.

Most people know about Cinco de Mayo. What some don’t realize is that it is in fact not Mexican Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Battle of Puebla. Mexican Independence Day is actually on September 16th, which also kicks off the Hispanic Heritage Month. Those who want to spice up their September with a bit of Mexican flavor can join in the celebrations with a Mexican-themed bingo party.

Bingo has long been one of the go-to activities for family get-togethers. Now’s the perfect time to throw a bingo party, what with the recent surge in the game’s popularity. Be it at churches, clubs, or binguez, more and more people are once again coming together for a night of bingo.

There are a lot of things you can do to make your Mexican-themed family bingo night special without breaking the bank. Most of the bingo equipment you need can be made at home. You can even have a pre-bingo night DIY day and have everyone join in. Here are a couple of great resources that you can use:

1. DIY bingo bag on Cutoutandkeep – All you need is a pattern, fabric, and some sewing tools. For extra flavor, use brightly-colored fabric printed with geometric designs.
2. DIY bingo cards on Tip Junkie – You can find a whole slew of printable bingo cards here. You can stick with the classic numbered bingo cards, but you can also substitute the numbers with Spanish words and pictures. That way everybody learns something while having fun.
3. DIY bingo ball and mixer – For the balls, all you need are ping pong balls and a marker. The cage requires a bit of work, though. Here’s a tutorial on eHow.

When your bingo equipment is done and ready to go, don’t forget to prepare some Mexican food as well. If you don’t know any taco, nachos, or enchilada recipes, don’t order take-out just yet. Stick to the DIY spirit. You can find a whole load of great recipes on the net. Just have fun with it and make sure you enjoy your Mexican-themed bingo night.

Pin It to Win It From Consumer Crafts

Hello there lovelies!

Since the first Pin it to Win it Contest from Consumer Crafts was such a hit, they’re at it again! They are offering up to $500 worth of crafty goodness to one lucky winner through their Pin It to Win It Craft Wishlist Pinterest Contest!


It’s easy to enter! All you have to do is pin the top 10 items on your craft wish list for a chance to win up to $500 in craft supplies from ConsumerCrafts! Make sure you complete the following steps to enter the contest:

1. Follow ConsumerCrafts on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/consumercrafts/
2. Create a Pinterest board called “Craft Wish List”
3. Go to ConsumerCrafts.com and pin 10 craft supplies you’d like to win
4. Enter the link to your Craft Wish list board and complete your entry here: http://bit.ly/CraftyWishlist

Hurry, entries must be received by August 31st!

I’ve already created my pin board and entered the contest, so if you’re looking for a few ideas, feel free to check out my board here. Or for more fun craft ideas and supply suggestions check out their blog here, Like Consumer Crafts on Facebook or check out ConsumerCrafts on Pinterest!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

Blackberry Z10 Keep Moving Party

We’ve all seen the old Blackberry devices, right? When I think of those I think of big and clunky with the small push button keyboard. Well, the new Blackberry Z10 now available at Verizon Wireless is nothing short of sleek and stylish! Plus it has all kinds of amazing new features!


As part of the Verizon VIP Crowd on Crowdtap I was recently given the opportunity to test out a brand new Blackberry Z10 and share it with a few friends at a Blackberry Z10 Keep Moving party.

Blackberry Z10

Prior to the party I created an event on Facebook to share information and invite friends to the party. The group also included several poll questions and a request for a photo from each of my guests that described ‘What keeps them moving?’

Shown below is a few examples of the poll questions asked in the Facebook event group. As incentive to get guests to fill out the poll questions a Blackberry USB pen was offered as a giveaway prize to everyone that participated.


When I received my party package I was able to load my information like Facebook account, twitter account, etc. onto the phone to test out it’s features. One of the things I was most impressed with was the photo editing capabilities. My iPhone 4S has basic editing features like cropping and red eye reduction. But the Blackberry Z10 goes above and beyond that with filters and effects already preloaded into the phone! In other words, you don’t NEED an app for that!

For example here’s a photo I took of clouds above the mountain near my house. After editing it within the Blackberry Z10 photo editor using the auto enhance feature and the contrast feature we get an ominous looking storm out of some crazy sci-fi movie versus a normal cloudy sky! Cool, right?


I was also really impressed with the Story Maker app that allows you to edit your photos and videos into a movie with background music and everything! I tested it out by making a photo tutorial of a craft I had completed recently. You can see it here: DIY Baby Closet Dividers.

At the party itself I had planned on taking my guests out for drinks after my baby shower in May… but by the time the shower was over and everything was unloaded at my house everyone was ready to just stay in and relax… So instead we purchased a few drinks and snacks from the nearby grocery store and hung out at home to check out the Blackberry Z10.

Blackberry Z10 party

Blackberry USB Pen

As I shared earlier each guest was asked to send me a photo of what kept them moving. I had several guests participate so with their photos I made another Story Maker movie. At the party I also filmed a short clip of everyone waving at the camera and then showed everyone how easy it is to edit a movie by adding in the clip I had just taken. Here’s the finished video…

Overall everyone had a great time checking out the new Blackberry Z10, learning about all the cool new features and getting to spend some time together. So glad I invited all my tech savvy friends who were able to ask questions that I hadn’t even thought about!

Your turn: Are you a Blackberry user? Will you be trying the Blackberry Z10 anytime soon? Or have you tried it already? What were your thoughts?

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

Maternity Friendly Clothing with Ultimate Outlet

Throughout this pregnancy I have had the goal of using as much of my preexisting wardrobe as long as possible. I received a few maternity items such as bottoms (capris, shorts) and a few shirts from a friend. Since then I have purchased a few maternity items to get me through the rest of the summer. But now that I’m 8 months along (only 2 more months to go), I’ve discovered that I could use a few more items to broaden my outfit choices and help keep me comfortable through these hot Arizona months.

I decided I don’t want to purchase anymore strictly maternity clothes because, again, I’ve only got two more months to go, but instead I’d like to purchase a few items that lend themselves to a looser silhouette for the rest of my pregnancy and can then easily be transitioned into my postpartum wardrobe as well. Enter Ultimate Outlet, an online clothing store where you can find bargains on all kinds of lovely women’s apparel.

They have a Today’s Sales section where you can find even deeper discounts on items from their site. While perusing the $19 and under section I found several items that fit with my latest fashion goal; loose comfortable styles that can transition from pregnancy to after baby wear.


Take for example this Hanky Hem Tank. It comes in black, white and chartreuse colors, has a flowy, lose silhouette to fit over the baby bump and would be cool and comfortable for the hot summer. Bonus! Right now it’s on sale for only $14! Whoot!


Or there’s this pretty pink Shirred Pencil Skirt in a jersey fabric. Skirts like this are comfy, easy to wear underneath the baby belly and can be a fun way to change up the normal shorts and capris summer wardrobe! This one can be yours for just $19 right now, too! Another Whoot!!!


While you’re hanging out on the site be sure to browse their jewelry and accessories collection! Every girl needs a little summer bling, am I right!?! This fun Beaded Fabric Bracelet fits the bill perfectly!

I’m thinking these three items will make the perfect addition to my summer maternity wardrobe and will be items that I can wear long after this pregnancy is over! To find more great deals on ladies clothing options checkout Ultimate Outlet here.

Your turn: What were/are some of your favorite summer clothing must haves, either while pregnant or after?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ultimate Outlet. Opinions shared are always 100% my own.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

DOT Girls Mocktail Party

Hey friends! This last weekend I had the opportunity to host a fun mocktail party as a member of The DOT Girls on Crowdtap.  {If you haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for!?!} I received a party kit full of all kinds of dot goodies including a full size bottle of the new DOT by Marc Jacobs fragrance, a small travel size bottle of the fragrance, samples to share with friends, dot nail decals to share and decorations for the party!


The day of the party my sister helped me get together a few fun dot snacks and drinks. I pinned some ideas on Pinterest and picked a drink and ‘dot’ snacks that I thought everyone would enjoy. To start with I made melon ‘dots’ for what seemed like hours… but wasn’t really all that long. 😉 Have you ever tried to make a decent melon ball?? It’s harder than it looks!

melon balls

Kayli helped me make some yummy spice cupcakes that she iced and I topped with polka dot sprinkles for the sweet. I also served some chips as a salty option. Since I’m 29 weeks pregnant, one friend is nursing and the rest don’t normally drink I stuck to one ‘mocktail’ for this party and made some virgin Sangria following this recipe. I served the Sangria in wine glasses and the treats on red plates with black and white polka dot napkins!

polka dot party snacks

The main table was decorated with a black table cloth, red dot confetti, a red dotted handkerchief as the centerpiece and then I displayed all the samples right in the center.

DOT by Marc Jacobs Sample Party

I also hung red dotted balloons above the table. All of the decorations came in my party packet excluding the plates and napkins that I purchased at Wal-Mart.

Polka dot party ideas

Once my guests arrived we enjoyed some snacks, visited and talked about the new DOT fragrance by Marc Jacobs. Because two of my guests had baby boys with them we opted to send the nail decals home for when everyone had some time to try them out for themselves. The babies made for some fun entertainment during the party though! 😉

Dot by Marc Jacobs


You can see my in my dot shirt here with two late party comers. 😉 My sister and her friend had a church activity to go to during the party, but they came afterwards and enjoyed some snacks and some samples.

Dot party

My thanks to Crowdtap and the DOT by Marc Jacobs fragrance for giving me a fun reason to invite my friends over to enjoy each others company, some yummy treats and a delicious smelling perfume!!! I live tweeted the party and party preparations here if you’re interested. Or you can check out my live instagrams from the event here.

If you haven’t tried the DOT fragrance yet I highly recommend it. I have been wearing it for the weeks leading up to the party and since then… My husband even likes it and he’s picky about smelly stuff… 😉

Tell me friends, what is your go to perfume???

Kassi @ Truly Lovely