Quick Snack – Husband Style

I have googled, I have pinterested, I have looked everywhere for a quick and easy snack for the hubs.
He comes in every evening from work famished and then quickly escalates to grouchy if there’s not a quick snack on hand to hold him over until dinner. Sure there are some fun snack ideas for kids, for healthy eaters, but let’s be realistic… My husband is neither of those. 😉

So I am super excited to share with you my latest husband snack solution!

husband snack idea

That’s right peeps. Summer sausage and cheese. No, it’s not the healthiest of snacks, but it’s a yummy combination that’s easy to fix up and the husband (and me, if I’m being honest) loves it!

All you need is a stick of summer sausage (they’re popular at most grocery stores this time of year so they shouldn’t be hard to find, but they are normally by the pepperoni in the lunch meat section FYI), a chunk of your preferred cheese (we like sharp cheddar) and some sandwich baggies.

making a snack for husband

Now, the most difficult step… slice up the cheese and summer sausage. 😉
Your husband will thank you for this… it equals snack in hand when he walks in the door which then equals happy hubs.
Fill a baggy with three or four slices of cheese and sausage, then refrigerate.

See? All ready to go and next to my snacks in the fridge, no worries that the hubs will get my yogurt confused with his meat and cheese snack… haha.

What’s your favorite quick and easy snack??

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Kassi @ Truly Lovely

One year down! Forever to go…

Happy weekend pretty friends!!!

Tomorrow is mine and Nate’s ONE year wedding anniversary!

Since the features from Fancy This Fridays are scheduled for tomorrow, I thought I’d pop in and share today. 🙂
*All photos are c/o Treehouse Photography.  

On July 9, 2011 it had rained all morning long… Even into the time we started getting ready. I’ve always heard that if it rains on your wedding day, that it’s good luck. 🙂

And rain it did, right up until we started taking group photos and then….  it stopped!
Now if that’s not luck…. 😉

We were surrounded by our best friends, family and loved ones.

I married my best friend, we celebrated with dinner and cake, then danced the night away!!!

It was absolutely perfect.

*For more wedding photos, wedding planning, etc… visit my wedding blog,
My Road to Mrs

Happy anniversary husband of mine. Don’t know what I’d do without you.



Kassi @ Truly Lovely

Living Room Wrap Up

Did you miss the first two posts on my living room makeover? Here I talked about the before and after and here I talked about those really long curtains! Today let’s talk about everything else I missed, huh… 😉

This room has been (and will probably continue to be) a LONG work in progress!
A few of the little things I’ve done over the last few months to update the space include…

I made that stenciled throw pillow you see there on the long couch. You can find the tutorial for making a stenciled pillow here.
I plan to make at least several more of those… 😉
Here’s the tutorial from when my dad helped me make Nate those rustic shadow box shelves on the wall that hold his buckles and keepsakes…
If you were to look where that brown arrow is pointing in the photo above you’d see this area…

The doors here lead to the guest bedroom, the office/craft room and the guest bathroom.  The latter two are upcoming rooms to be tackled. 🙂

The barnwood frame on the wall was a Christmas gift for Nate from his step-mom. Those are photos of his mom, my mother in law. I talked about her here. It was/is such a thoughtful, meaningful gift. I literally cried all afternoon after she showed it to me.

 On the left side of that top picture is this little nook. We received this fun Family Home Evening sign as a wedding gift from my Aunt. I think it’s so neat and wouldn’t be all that hard to replicate! Those are horseshoe nails to hold each name. I need to make little name tags to hang there!

You’ll remember the saddle rack shown below from this post. I took a really old, beat down saddle stand and fixed it up, then stained it. Really like how the dark stain makes the lighter saddle pop!

The drawing on that wall was a wedding gift from my SIL’s mother, Edna Harper. She is a VERY talented western artist. She makes the most beautiful western jewelry too!

That green wall you can see through the door on the left is in the kitchen. It was the bane of my existence, only second to the green front door when we first moved into our house.  But now it’s sort of grown on me. My kitchen is apple themed and it just sort of fits… 😉

And finally our mantel! This is my rustic/western/love my hubs mantel. 🙂
The painting was a wedding gift from our dear friend, Suzi Ley. You can see more of her western/country/wildlife art at her website, Three Hearts Art.

The clock in the center is a western clock that Nate gave me for Christmas.
The cowboy and cowgirl to the left of the clock was our wedding cake topper.
I wrote about the canvas (one of our engagement pictures) here.

So that’s it our rustic/western/comfy living area! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this three post series on my living room makeover!
If you have any questions on how I made anything you see here, or where something came from, I’d love to answer those for you!!! Also, if you have a favorite western/rustic/home decor site, I’d love the link!!!!

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There’s lots more home decor posts for the future!

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A uh.. Unique Date Idea

I may have mentioned before but for those new to Truly Lovely, the hubs and I attended the same university. 
Go AGGIES! {NMSU, specifically.}
In college we played a lot of a game that we’ll just call um… water pong. haha. 
Also known as beer pong to some… but any who…. 

It was kind of our thing. We even had a HUGE piece of plywood that we spray painted black, then invited all of our friends to sign using those paint marker things. 
It served as our pong playing table top. 
It was awesome!
While doing our Christmas shopping this year we discovered that Wal-Mart carries a Sports Pong set. 
Yep, you can now buy your plastic cups and ping pong balls in a nicely boxed set for less than $10! 
Who knew?!
I thought it would be fun to get a set for the hubs’ birthday and surprise him with a college flashback style date night
It’s been windy here lately and everyone knows you can’t play water pong in the wind! 😉 So I set up a pong court, as it were, inside! Complete with plastic drop cloths to save my carpet if any water were to spill… which can happen. 😉

The note in the middle reads, “Consider this a challenge! See you tonight!”
The sports pong set comes with 12 games, which makes for lots of fun, friendly hubs and wife competition.  😉 Don’t worry, if you can’t find a Sports Pong set, a package of those good ol’ Red Solo cups (Toby Keith, anyone?!) and a set of ping pong balls is EXACTLY the same thing. 🙂
The point of the game, in case you’re unversed in the art of water pong, is to stand at one end of the table, and take turns tossing your ping pong balls into the other person’s (half water filled) cups, essentially knocking out all of their cups before they get yours! 

SO if you’re looking for a fun date night idea this Valentine’s Day… 
Or any night really… 
Maybe a friendly game of water pong would be just the thing. 
In this date night version winner gets a back rub. 😉

Or if water pong isn’t your thing, the point is to think of something your love used to really enjoy and bring it back for date night! 😉

Have fun lovelies!
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Happy Birthday Husband!!!

Today is the hubs’ birthday!! 
Fun fact… he’s a few months younger than me.
He really likes to rub that in… 😉

Happy Birthday Hubs! I love you! 

Oh… and I loved shoving cake in your face after you tricked me into smelling it and shoving it in my face. 
Just sayin… haha. 

Revived Saddle Stand

I think I’ve mentioned a time or two before that my husband is a team roper. 
Ropers ride horses to rope. 😉 See…

To ride their horses they need a saddle. 
My hubs is a pretty good roper. He wins things from time to time. 
Because ropers need saddles to ride their horses, saddles are often given as prizes at team ropings. 
The hubs has won his fair share. 

What am I getting at here…?
Well, we have several saddles at our house. So many hubs has given a few away. 
But there are one or two that he really likes and wants to keep nice. 
So nice we could display them in our home. 
To display a saddle you need a saddle stand. 
Hubs had an old broken down saddle stand that just needed a little attention and love. 

So… I did a little of this… 

And a little of this…


Now we have a very nice saddle stand. To display a very nice saddle. 

You’re welcome hubs. 😉
He was quite proud of me and very appreciative. Even got some praise from my father-in-law on my choice of stain color. He said it helps the saddle stand out! 
How nice, right!?!
Ah the male design sense… 
In my family it best relates to things made with leather. 🙂

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