A Brand New Baby


Did that title catch your attention? No worries, Klara is still an only child for the time being, BUT she does have a brand new baby cousin! The first week of March my brother, Brent, and sister in law, Jessie, had their first child… a sweet little cowboy they named Grady. Things just happened to […]

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Fancy This Fridays 167 and Features


Happy Friday!! SO I was busy this week editing photos and working on my photography business so the posts here were nonexistent… Sorry about that friends. But if you want, here’s my photography website: Kassi Mortensen Photography. Or you can check out my Facebook page to see what I’ve been up to lately and what’s […]

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Fancy This Fridays #166 and Features


Well Friday is here!!! How was your week? I shared a post about a mama’s love for her kiddo if you missed it. We also still have the $20 Target gift card giveaway going on! Here are the features from Fancy This 165! First up, Kimberly of Lou Lou Girls shared a mouth watering recipe […]

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Ok Mamas… I Get It Now.


I was one of those women. I’ve been around children my entire life. I have a ‘kid’ sister. I became an auntie at a young age. I felt like I was born to be a mommy. I also knew things always happen that you don’t expect so in that aspect I felt like I was even prepared for […]

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Fancy This Fridays 165 and Features

pretzel bites cooked 9 promo

It’s finally Friday! Happy weekend all!!! Hope you had the best week. In case you missed it this week was 20 Wishes Progress week at Truly Lovely. I shared my progress here, Kayli shared hers here and you can link up yours here. If you’re interested there’s a GIVEAWAY for those who write and share […]

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Twenty Wishes Progress and Giveaway – February

The end of February marks our first 2014 Twenty Wishes Progress link up! First, if you haven’t written your list of 20 wishes yet and would like to join us, we would love to have you! Simply write your list and link it up here at the bottom of the post in the link up. […]

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Kayli’s Twenty Wishes 2014- February Progress

Katie and I Color Run

One month in! My February updates are in pink. We hope you’ll join TOMORROW by linking up your own list of wishes. 1. Buy a pair of TOMS. 2. Take a cake decorating or chocolatier class. Or both. 3. Get a pink or purple streak in my hair. 4. Go to Julienne Jewelery. 5. Reread […]

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Kassi’s 20 Wishes Progress – February


If you are unfamiliar with our Twenty Wishes Project here on Truly Lovely we want to invite you to peruse the prior link for the what and the why and then join us by writing up your 20 wishes list and coming back here on Wednesday, February 26th to link it up with us! For those of […]

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Fancy This Fridays and Features #164


Happy Friday friends!!! How was your week? In case you missed it I shared our 2014 The Color Run experience this week. Don’t forget this coming Wednesday is 20Wishes Progress time!! There will be another awesome giveaway for those that linkup with us! If you haven’t shared your list yet, we’d love to have you […]

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The Color Run AZ 2014

Color Run

One of the wishes on my 20 wishes 2014 list was to take my daughter to her second Color Run. Technically her first time was as a passenger in mommy’s tummy. But this year she got to ride in her stroller! I got a rain cover for her stroller to keep the color from getting […]

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