4th of July Cakes – A Round Up!

Well, tomorrow Independence Day is finally here!! For whatever reason I LOVE a festive cake during the fourth! A couple of years ago Kayli and I attempted a flag cake (the kind where you cut into it and see the flag on the inside, so fun!!) Last year I created a firework cake and this year I shared a festive cake on Instagram (@Kassarie)… Whether you’re celebrating just on the fourth or all weekend long, here are several 4th of July CAKES to whip up for a yummy and impressive looking dessert! Even though they are all SUPER easy to recreate!!!

First up, my fourth of July cake from last year… A red, white and blue Patriotic Firework cake! A cake mix, sprinkles and icing. SUPER easy!

Firework cake

Next, Jen of The Arizona Russums just shared a yummy recipe for a 4th of July Flag Cake! The bottom layer of this is more than just a cake… It’s a yummy shortbread/sugar cookie recipe!

Flag cake

Here’s a simple red, white and blue layered cake from Shannon of Rumbly in my Jumbly. So festive!!!


Just the other day Laura of The Pink Cake Plate, a fellow Arizona blogger, shared all kinds of fun 4th of July ideas on Sonoran Living, a local Arizona TV show. Included were her Red, White and Blue Cupcake cups! SO fun!!!

patriotic cupcakes

And another take on the patriotic cupcake cup idea comes from Katie of Dip it in Chocolate with her Patriotic Firework Cake Push Pops! The kiddos would love these I’m sure!!!

firework push pops

Then there’s my 4th of July cake for this year! It’s so easy it doesn’t even need a full post…. A cherry chip cake mix, blueberries in the middle, white whipped cream frosting, and red and blue sprinkles! So festive and so yummy!!! Just be sure to store it in the fridge!


So tell me friends… what is your go to 4th of July dessert? Do you have a patriotic cake or cupcake recipe? I’d love to see links if you do!!!

Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July!!!!

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Tips for a Better Layer Cake

Hi there lovelies! The holidays are a time for baking around here.
So far this season I’ve attempted my first pumpkin roll, made a few pies and plan on making some homemade candy this evening!

Today, in the spirit of the major baking season, I have a few tips for you on how to make a better layer cake.

make a better layer cake

First of all, I love layered cakes. You can most definitely still use just a cake mix, so they’re as easy to make as a normal pan cake, but they look much more impressive. They require only a little extra time, but give off the impression of much more time spent then a normal pan cake.

grease and flour cake pans

One of the most important things for make a good layer cake is preparing your pans. By all means go the extra mile and grease and flour those suckers. Sure non-stick spray works alright, but if you want the cake to really come out clean, the grease and flour method works the best. Using parchment paper in the bottom of your pan is an extra step against having your cake stick, but I’ve found for the most part grease and flour does the trick.

making a pretty layer cake

I do recommend parchment paper as a way to turn out each cake to cool before stacking though. Lay a plate down, then cover it with parchment. Turn your cake over onto the parchment paper and allow to cool completely before stacking. Otherwise, as the cake cools it might stick to your plate.

Another tip at this point is to cut off the rounded top of your bottom layer cake. This gives the top layer a nice, mostly flat surface to rest on to make your cake more even. I use a butter knife to just sort of shave off the rounded top and even it out.

icing a layer cake

I usually use store bought icing. After all the point is to make an easy cake but with a funner look right?!

You’ll want to cover the top of your bottom layer, then stack your top layer before icing completely. This way you don’t work on getting a nice bottom layer only to mess it up trying to blend it in with the top layer. Once it’s stacked you can ice the entire cake.

making a better layered cake

Now because store bought icing is often much thinner than homemade icing it’s a good idea to stick your cake in the fridge for an hour or two before serving. This gives the icing time to set and keeps it from just melting off. Take note, because it is so much thinner than homemade it will melt even with a completely cooled cake in a semi cool room. That’s just the nature of store bought icing on a stacked cake versus a flat cake.

So there you go! A few tips to make your next layer cake a little bit easier and a little bit prettier!

Tell me lovelies, what’s your favorite thing to bake during the holiday season?

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Patriotic Firework Cake

Hey dolls! Sorry so late with the post today… We had two yesterday since we announced the Sittin’ in the Sun Summer Package exchange, (have you joined yet?), so I’m a little behind today!

Do you realize Independence Day is next week! Yes! Already!

 Here’s a delicious and patriotic 4th of July Firework cake to help you celebrate!

Firework cake

To make this fun firework cake you only need a few ingredients. 
White cake mix and all the fixings called for on the box (eggs, water, oil {or apple sauce})
Red and blue sprinkles
Two round cake pans
White icing

making a 4th of July cake

 Mix up the cake mix like normal, then pour half the mix into each of your round cake pans. Add red sprinkles to one of the cake mix filled pans and blue sprinkles to the other.
Stir the sprinkles around so they spread throughout the mix. The color will probably bleed, that’s ok!

making a red white and blue cake

Bake according to the cake mix instructions. Allow your two cakes to cool just for a minute, admire the firework quality they already have… 😉 then turn them out onto a plate to cool the rest of the way.
Turning them out before they’ve cooled completely works the best, FYI… don’t wait too long!

patriotic cake recipe

 Once they’ve cooled, completely, stack and then ice in the white icing. Sprinkle some red and blue sprinkles on top. More in the center and less on the edges makes a nice firework affect… just sayin’… 😉

patriotic cake

Cut yourself and a friend a slice of delicious patriotic firework cake!
Again, admire the fun firework affect in the middle and eat up!

4th of July cake

Thanks for baking with me today lovelies! 🙂

Do you have any special Independence Day traditions?
Any patriotic treats on your menu this coming week?

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Fancy This Features #81

Hey dolls! Happy Monday! 

How was your weekend??

Right now I’m going to jump headfirst into this week’s features from Fancy This Fridays… We have a FUN announcement coming your way a little later, so hopefully you’ll stop back by and check it out here in a bit.
I’ll give you a hint… Do you like getting pretties in the mail? 😉


First up, how genius are these paper plate containers?! You know those paper plates that are a little too flimsy to really use as a plate, but you always end up with some at one point or another… This idea from Peggy at The Decorating Files is perfect for those!

Party Treat Boxes

Next up, if you’ve been hanging around Truly Lovely very long you KNOW how much I love to fancy up a plain ol’ candle… See here and here for reference. 😉 So I’m loving these map candles from Heidi at Decor & more.

 And finally, isn’t this wedding cake just gorgeous! Would you believe that it’s only about six inches tall?! For real! Click over to Malory’s (of Snips & Spice) mini cake post to see how she made this pretty!

tiny wedding cake

Thanks to all who shared their lovelies with us this last week!!! Hope to see you all back again this coming Friday!
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