Hidden Valley Ranch Feast

Good Monday morning lovelies!!! Only two days now until Christmas! I hope you’re ready! 😉 Today I have a fun dinner party to share with you! I was invited to host a Hidden Valley Ranch Feast as a member of Crowdtap.

The plan was to invite some family and friends over, have them bring recipes made with Ranch as sort of a pot-luck dinner and then share the recipes with one another. I was sent a box of Hidden Valley Ranch goodies to use during the party that included a Team Ranch t-shirt, a bottle of ranch, samples of Hidden Valley Italian dressing, Ranch dressing and dip mix, and Ranch To Go packets.


For my main recipe I made Ranch Pork Chops in the Crock Pot. It’s a super simple recipe I found on Pinterest.

Hidden Valley Ranch Recipe

I also put together a huge salad bar, as requested by my husband. A big salad covered in Ranch dressing is one of his favorite things!

Salad bar party

One guest brought  a jalapeno ranch dip and another brought potato soup flavored with a Hidden Valley Ranch packet! Both recipes were delicious!!! My nephew Chancey was happy to sport the Team Ranch t-shirt as our official Ranch mascot.

Team Ranch Hidden Valley Ranch Party

My niece, Corryn was in charge of handing out samples of Ranch to Go and the Italian Dressing.

Hidden Valley Ranch Feast

Overall everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the dinner. We each learned a few new recipes to make for our own families using Ranch as an ingredient. The salad bar was a big hit. Everyone loved being able to put together their own salads. I definitely recommend trying one for your next big dinner get together!

Your turn: What is your favorite recipe using ranch as an ingredient??

Disclosure: I received the Hidden Valley Ranch Kit as a member of Crowdtap. As always opinions shared here are 100% my own.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

5 Easy Snack Ideas with Hershey’s Spreads

I have just found my new favorite snacking go to!!! Hershey’s Spreads! I’ll be honest, I never really jumped on the chocolate, hazelnut spread bandwagon… No particular reason I guess. Kayli, my sister, did and tried to convince me to try it but I just haven’t. That is until Crowdtap sent me a jar of the brand new Hershey’s Spread to sample.
Oh. My. Yum.

Hershey's Spread Sampling

I am in snacking heaven!!! After a couple weeks of trying several snack combinations I have narrowed them down to my five favorites.

First up, Hershey’s Spread and popcorn. Specifically kettle corn. It just so happened I had a bag from a Cowboy Christmas event we went to over Thanksgiving weekend. I thought, why not?! Turns out it is DELICIOUS!!! Try it. Really.

Hershey's Spread Snack Idea

Then there’s the old stand by… Chocolate and strawberries. Can’t go wrong. You just can’t… yummy!

Crowdtap Hershey's Spread Sampling

Pairing Hershey’s Spread with apple slices makes for a tasty treat as well! Just slice up your apple and dip into the chocolate spread. Easy, right!?

Hershey's Spread Snack

Now this one is going to blow your mind I’m sure… Chocolate and Graham Crackers! haha. Just add a marshmallow and you’ve got a S’more!

Graham Cracker and Chocolate Snack

And finally a little salty/sweet combo… Hershey’s Spread and pretzel sticks! This one was fun cause you can just dip the stick in the chocolate!

Easy snack ideas

So tell me, what is your favorite chocolate spread pairing?? Have you tried the new Hershey’s Spread yet?

You know my opinion… LOVE it!!! So yummy! 😉

Disclosure: I received a jar of Hershey’s Spread via a campaign from Crowdtap, as always opinions shared here are 100% my own.
Kassi @ Truly Lovely

Blackberry Z10 Keep Moving Party

We’ve all seen the old Blackberry devices, right? When I think of those I think of big and clunky with the small push button keyboard. Well, the new Blackberry Z10 now available at Verizon Wireless is nothing short of sleek and stylish! Plus it has all kinds of amazing new features!


As part of the Verizon VIP Crowd on Crowdtap I was recently given the opportunity to test out a brand new Blackberry Z10 and share it with a few friends at a Blackberry Z10 Keep Moving party.

Blackberry Z10

Prior to the party I created an event on Facebook to share information and invite friends to the party. The group also included several poll questions and a request for a photo from each of my guests that described ‘What keeps them moving?’

Shown below is a few examples of the poll questions asked in the Facebook event group. As incentive to get guests to fill out the poll questions a Blackberry USB pen was offered as a giveaway prize to everyone that participated.


When I received my party package I was able to load my information like Facebook account, twitter account, etc. onto the phone to test out it’s features. One of the things I was most impressed with was the photo editing capabilities. My iPhone 4S has basic editing features like cropping and red eye reduction. But the Blackberry Z10 goes above and beyond that with filters and effects already preloaded into the phone! In other words, you don’t NEED an app for that!

For example here’s a photo I took of clouds above the mountain near my house. After editing it within the Blackberry Z10 photo editor using the auto enhance feature and the contrast feature we get an ominous looking storm out of some crazy sci-fi movie versus a normal cloudy sky! Cool, right?


I was also really impressed with the Story Maker app that allows you to edit your photos and videos into a movie with background music and everything! I tested it out by making a photo tutorial of a craft I had completed recently. You can see it here: DIY Baby Closet Dividers.

At the party itself I had planned on taking my guests out for drinks after my baby shower in May… but by the time the shower was over and everything was unloaded at my house everyone was ready to just stay in and relax… So instead we purchased a few drinks and snacks from the nearby grocery store and hung out at home to check out the Blackberry Z10.

Blackberry Z10 party

Blackberry USB Pen

As I shared earlier each guest was asked to send me a photo of what kept them moving. I had several guests participate so with their photos I made another Story Maker movie. At the party I also filmed a short clip of everyone waving at the camera and then showed everyone how easy it is to edit a movie by adding in the clip I had just taken. Here’s the finished video…

Overall everyone had a great time checking out the new Blackberry Z10, learning about all the cool new features and getting to spend some time together. So glad I invited all my tech savvy friends who were able to ask questions that I hadn’t even thought about!

Your turn: Are you a Blackberry user? Will you be trying the Blackberry Z10 anytime soon? Or have you tried it already? What were your thoughts?

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

WIWW – Old Navy ActiveWear During Pregnancy

Staying active while pregnant is incredibly important. Sure, the types of activities and exercises you can do while expecting are limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active long into the third trimester! During the early months of my pregnancy I stayed active by running on the treadmill, even ‘training’ for and running in The Color Run 5K. Later on when running became more cumbersome than it was worth I’ve really focused on walking. I try to go for a walk every day, even if it’s just down to the horse pens (behind my house) and back.

Thanks to Old Navy and Crowdtap I even have a cute maternity friendly workout outfit now! Old Navy Activewear is my go to for fashionable workout attire. Even while pregnant the new additions to their Activewear line are flattering and comfortable!

Old Navy Activewear Review

For this sample and share from Old Navy via Crowdtap I chose one of their brand new Mesh Bubble Tanks in the Carbon color. I love that it has the bubble bottom which allows for plenty of room for my growing baby bump! The racer back styling makes it cool and comfortable for the hot Arizona heat. And the mesh fabric is breathable and comfortable against your skin!

Old Navy Activewear

For the bottoms I chose the Old Navy Fold Over Yoga Capris. The fold over waste can easily be worn underneath my pregnant stomach comfortably, the loser fit (as opposed to the tighter compression capris) allows for more leg room (and thigh room, and bum room…) And they pair really well with the bubble top for a fun workout outfit!

This round of Old Navy Activewear has some fun new options so it was hard to narrow down my choices… There are some new graphic tanks and tees, semi fitted tanks, the bubble tanks, of course, and several more options in the Activewear top section!

Old Navy Activewear Tops

For the Activewear bottoms I am LOVING the colored tops on the fold over capris! The bright pop of color is an exciting addition to the run of the mill workout outfit!

Old Navy 1

I shared my other Old Navy sampling coupon with my sister in law, Stephanie. She too chose a Mesh Bubble Tank, hers is the Electric Neon color and a pair of the fold over yoga capris. In her words, she is in LOVE with the capris and loves that the bubble tank can hide any belly flubber! 😉

Steph Old Navy

As you can see we both chose basically the same outfit just in different colors. Stephenie is a super skinny thing while I’m 8 months preggo and the same outfit can definitely work with either body type! So yay Old Navy for making versatile Activewear!!!

Your turn: What is your go to workout outfit? What was/is your go to workout while pregnant?

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

DOT Girls Mocktail Party

Hey friends! This last weekend I had the opportunity to host a fun mocktail party as a member of The DOT Girls on Crowdtap.  {If you haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for!?!} I received a party kit full of all kinds of dot goodies including a full size bottle of the new DOT by Marc Jacobs fragrance, a small travel size bottle of the fragrance, samples to share with friends, dot nail decals to share and decorations for the party!


The day of the party my sister helped me get together a few fun dot snacks and drinks. I pinned some ideas on Pinterest and picked a drink and ‘dot’ snacks that I thought everyone would enjoy. To start with I made melon ‘dots’ for what seemed like hours… but wasn’t really all that long. 😉 Have you ever tried to make a decent melon ball?? It’s harder than it looks!

melon balls

Kayli helped me make some yummy spice cupcakes that she iced and I topped with polka dot sprinkles for the sweet. I also served some chips as a salty option. Since I’m 29 weeks pregnant, one friend is nursing and the rest don’t normally drink I stuck to one ‘mocktail’ for this party and made some virgin Sangria following this recipe. I served the Sangria in wine glasses and the treats on red plates with black and white polka dot napkins!

polka dot party snacks

The main table was decorated with a black table cloth, red dot confetti, a red dotted handkerchief as the centerpiece and then I displayed all the samples right in the center.

DOT by Marc Jacobs Sample Party

I also hung red dotted balloons above the table. All of the decorations came in my party packet excluding the plates and napkins that I purchased at Wal-Mart.

Polka dot party ideas

Once my guests arrived we enjoyed some snacks, visited and talked about the new DOT fragrance by Marc Jacobs. Because two of my guests had baby boys with them we opted to send the nail decals home for when everyone had some time to try them out for themselves. The babies made for some fun entertainment during the party though! 😉

Dot by Marc Jacobs


You can see my in my dot shirt here with two late party comers. 😉 My sister and her friend had a church activity to go to during the party, but they came afterwards and enjoyed some snacks and some samples.

Dot party

My thanks to Crowdtap and the DOT by Marc Jacobs fragrance for giving me a fun reason to invite my friends over to enjoy each others company, some yummy treats and a delicious smelling perfume!!! I live tweeted the party and party preparations here if you’re interested. Or you can check out my live instagrams from the event here.

If you haven’t tried the DOT fragrance yet I highly recommend it. I have been wearing it for the weeks leading up to the party and since then… My husband even likes it and he’s picky about smelly stuff… 😉

Tell me friends, what is your go to perfume???

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

WIWW: Old Navy Women’s Best Tees

Happy Wednesday friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a WIWW post… My preggo outfits lately consist of about four different bottoms these days and just various shirts. The bottoms are a pair of jeans, a pair of capris, some bermuda shorts and a pair of shorts. Every once in awhile I might wear a skirt… Rarely though. haha. Since my bottoms are pretty stagnant, it was the perfect time to add some new shirts to the mix to amp up the old wardrobe!

Enter Old Navy Women’s Best Tees! I received a coupon for two free tees for me and two for a friend via Crowdtap. Naturally I shared the other coupon with my sister, Kayli. We even got to shop at Old Navy together this time around while we were in town for the George Strait concert!

There were so many colors and styles to choose from. In the photo below I’m browsing the section of Perfect tees {at 25 weeks preggo in case you were wondering… ;)}. I ended up choosing a blue Perfect Tee and a grey Vintage tee.


Kayli, shown below browsing the Vintage tee section, chose a Perfect tee and Vintage tee as well.


All of the best tees are made of the softest fabric. There aren’t any tags in the back, they’re just printed inside underneath the back collar. I don’t know about you, but I hate tags that rub my neck, so this was a HUGE plus!

I got the hubs to take some photos of me wearing my medium grey colored Vintage tee last week. Not sure what smile I’m working with there… haha. But these were when the baby bump was in between 25 and 26 weeks.

Old Navy Best Tees

Then on Sunday I wore my blue (called Royal Rowena on the website) perfect tee to do a family photo shoot. It was the perfect shirt for an afternoon of shooting photos outside… I was comfortable, not too hot, and the shirt, just a size large fits nicely over my baby bump at 26 weeks and a couple days. {If you wanna see a few of the photos I took, check out my FB page here.}

Old Navy Womens Tees

And here’s Kayli in her olive green Vintage tee.

Here she’s wearing her Apple of My Eye red Perfect Crew Tee. Kayli’s thoughts on her new Old Navy tees -> She purchased the v-neck shirt in a smaller size than the perfect tee and decided that was a good call. Both shirts don’t stretch out much like some t-shirts will, so she was impressed with that. Also, she feels like they are nice enough to go out in but comfy enough to play in. 🙂

Your turn: Did/Do you have a sort of uniform while pregnant? Mine is tees and comfy denim bottoms for the most part…

OH! And while I was browsing the Old Navy website for links to our new shirts I discovered that all of the Old Navy Best Tees are on SALE right now! Wouldn’t want you to miss that! 😉

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WIWW – Old Navy Activewear

So let’s be honest… How many of us, especially those of us that stay at home, either SAHM or work from home don’t actually get dressed very often during the week. My excuse is I work from home so I never really see anyone… Plus I actually work out more now that I have the time.
BUT!!! Who’s to say those work out clothes can’t be cute?! They absolutely can! Especially if you’re wearing the new Activewear from Old Navy!

Thanks to Crowdtap and Old Navy’s newest Activewear Sampling campaign I was able to choose a brand new, cute workout outfit!
My sister in law got to choose one as well! Since we did the whole shop via the telephone thing with my last Crowdtap campaign and it worked, we decided to do it again!

Old Navy Crowdtap Campaign

I chose the North Beach Neon Active Compression Jacket and the Wide Leg Yoga Capris. Stephenie, my sister in law, chose the Active Go Dry Running Top in Retro Violet and the Active Compression Pants.

So I was a little bit lamer with my selection this time around… Instead of debating and finally deciding on a choice, I took my cue from the Old Navy mannequins. That’s what they’re there for, right?! To give you cute outfit ideas???

As you can see my outfit choice is clearly twins with the mannequin on the right… 🙂 I love how my jacket has the little thumb holes so you can keep your hands semi warm while exercising. And I LOVE my capris. So comfy, but they don’t look slouchy like sweats would.

Stephenie was impressed that the compression pants were actually slimming. You know how things often claim to be slimming, but then you don’t really feel or look slimmer? Well the compression pants actually are slimming!
She was also more selective with her choice… She debated a few other looks before settling on the one she chose. It of course, looks awesome, but look at how many other outfits you could put together with Old Navy Activewear!

in the Old Navy store

Now it’s your turn! What do you wear to work out? Do you have a cute go to outfit or are you more of a sweats and t-shirt girl??
Don’t worry, I have both options now, so I won’t judge! 😉

Disclosure: I received two outfit coupons in exchange for this post via Old Navy and Crowdtap. As always opinions shared are 100% my own!

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WIWW – Sweater Dress from Old Navy

Hi there dolls!

I haven’t done a What I Wore Wednesday in quite a while… This working from home thing has really taken a toll on my every day style… Good news is I’ve been working out more, but the bad news is I wear a lot of work out clothes and sweats versus actually dressing up everyday. Oops. 😉

So for this week’s WIWW, I figured it was time to really get dressed up! The weather is finally getting cooler here in AZ… Not much cooler mind you, but cooler than it has been, so for the CrowdTap and Old Navy Spice up Your Style campaign I chose a pretty striped sweater dress.

Crowdtap campaign

I’ve got to say I’m pleasantly surprised with how much I like my sweater dress. I’ve never owned one before so I was a bit afraid it would be itchy, uncomfortable and unflattering, but I discovered the exact opposite. Paired with some fun tights and my tall fall boots this dress makes a cute but cozy fall/winter outfit!

sweater dress and riding boots

I added the black belt to give the dress a little more shape.
So, what do you think??

With the campaign I received two dress coupons. This time I gave the other one to my sister in law, Stephanie.
Here she is rocking the dress she chose! Too fun, right!?!

{Pardon the cell phone pic…} She lives several hours away from me, but we still wanted to shop together, so we did… via phone and picture messaging…
Have you ever shopped with a friend miles away via phone…? It’s kind of fun! 😉

Have you tried any of Old Navy’s new dresses?
What’s your favorite style?

Fall outfit from Old Navy

Happy shopping lovelies!

Disclosure: I received two dress coupons in exchange for this post via Old Navy and Crowdtap. As always opinions shared are 100% my own!

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Woolite Extra Dark Care

Jeans are a staple in our house. It’s what both me and the husband wear on a day to day basis. Even my shorts and capris are mostly denim… at the very least they certainly fit into the “darks” category when sorting my laundry.

Thanks to Crowdtap (if you haven’t joined yet, you totally should) I was able to host a Woolite Extra Dark Sample and Share. I received several samples to pass out to friends for them to try, as well as a sample for myself!

It just so happened that the samples came in right before I paid a visit to my hometown for the annual Pioneer Days celebration. It was perfect timing since most of my family was in town and available to collect their samples!
Below you’ll see a few of my sample recipients with what they had to say about the Woolite Extra Dark Care Sample.

Once I got home from the weekend away I had plenty of laundry to test my sample on… {Isn’t that how it always is coming back from a vacation?!?}

My thoughts on the Woolite Extra Dark sample… I am a HUGE fragrance person. I want my laundry to smell clean and fresh. I love that the Woolite had a nice clean smell that was strong enough to slightly notice without being overwhelming.
I also appreciated that the amount needed for a load wasn’t a whole lot. I hate having to continually go back to the store for more detergent… I like that you can use a small-ish amount and still get your clothes clean.

So, tell me friends. Have you tried Woolite Extra Dark Care yet??
Do you have any special laundry tips or tricks? I’m always up for something new!

My friends and I each received a sample of the Woolite Extra Dark Care via CrowdTap, as always all opinion are 100% my own or clearly solicited from those who took part in my sample and share. 

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

McCormick Grill Mates BBQ and Pool Party

Hi there friends!

This Memorial Day weekend we celebrated with a BBQ and Pool Party!
The star of the show…. McCormick’s Grill Mates new spices and seasonings!

 The McCormick Grill Mates kit that I received via CrowdTap included:

  • Party Booklet
  • Grill Mates® Spiced Brandy & Herb Marinade
  • Grill Mates® Slow and Low Memphis Pit BBQ Rub
  • Grill Mates® Montreal Steak Seasoning Blend
  • Grill Mates® Molasses Bacon Seasoning Blend
  • Grill Mates® Brown Sugar Bourbon BBQ Sauce

We invited family and friends over to enjoy a delicious dinner and take a swim in our new pool!
My husband had to work that Saturday… (BOO!) but I had plenty of help preparing the food!

The meal included steaks, beef ribs, beef & shrimp kabobs as the main entrees.
My father in law and brothers in law manned the grill outside while the ladies prepared everything else in the kitchen.


Adding Brown Sugar Bourbon BBQ Sauce to the ribs

My favorite dish was definitely the beef and shrimp kabobs. Seasoned with the Spiced Brandy and Herb Marinade from McCormick Grill Mates, they had a strong, delicious flavor!!

McCormick Grill Mates

Preparing the Spiced Brandy and Herb marinaded kabob meats

 The steaks were seasoned with the McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak and Molasses Bacon seasoning.
SO delicious! All of the seasonings added the best flavor to the meats!

McCormick Grill Mates

McCormick Grill Mates

The only downside was that I had planned on dining out in the backyard, but the wind picked up too much for that… So inside it was. But that was OK too. 😉

McCormick Grill Mates BBQ

We just moved the tables and chairs inside to the living room and carried on! 🙂

It was the perfect Saturday afternoon with family and friends! 
We laughed, we ate, the kiddos swam…

McCormick Grill Mates

Thanks to McCormick Grill Mates and CrowdTap for the AMAZING seasonings and marinades!
As always, all opinions and thoughts expressed here are my own.

Thanks also to my AWESOME family! They grilled, helped with dinner, indulged all the photo taking!!!
Thanks to Tammy for taking photos by the way!!!  Love you all bunches!!!

Tomorrow I will be sharing the dip and fruit kabobs over at our girl Ricki’s place, so be sure to stop by and check out that out!

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