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Let’s start this week off with some fabulous features from Fancy This Fridays, eh!?! 😉

 First up, this Chicken Broccoli Ring from Happiest Mom on the Blog, sounds delicious!!! Plus it looks all fancy schmancy but you probably have the ingredients in your kitchen right now!

Next, this Master Bedroom Makeover from Virginia at LiveLoveDIY is just lovely!!! Check out the before and after!


And last, but certainly not least, we love this Dip Dyed Pillow Cover from Lindsay at Little MudPies! It’s just the right pop of color without being overwhelming! Perfect!

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Bloggie Bestie: Lauren of Warm & Fuzzy

Hi there pretty friends! 
We have a brand new Bloggie Bestie to introduce you to today!!!
Lauren of Warm & Fuzzy
She’s here to share a fun DIY idea with us! 🙂
Take it away Lauren….


Hello chickies! I am so thrilled to be hanging out with all of you today!
Kassi was so sweet to invite me to be a “Bloggie Bestie” this week.
When she emailed me, I{ JUMPED} at the chance!
I had a lot of projects that I wanted to get done and since Kassi had invited me here this was the perfect opportunity to get a start on one of them.
I pinned a few projects and this one was really needed in my home.
So here today I am going to share my DIY Personalized Coasters & Cup Holder.
With a little help from my hubs {he used the power tools}
I was able to complete this project in two days, only because I had to let the paint dry over night.
First I gathered my supplies. My paint, I wanted that {Pottery Barn} look to the paint so I used “colonial red.” I purchased the handles, two of them, and the tiles, one packages, from home depot. The board my husband made for me. It was pre measured to fit the handles and the tiles we bought. He even put two little feet on the bottom to make it stand off the kitchen counter, these would prove problematic later.
I took the board outside. Shook up the paint can and went to work. Please excuse my painting skills.
 I have none. 🙂 My hubs even made this makeshift hanging thingie so that I was able to get a full second coat on the board all at once. I let the piece dry overnight. See those little feet I spoke of earlier, we had to unscrew those so that we could add the handle, them screw them back on. No biggie- that’s because I wasn’t the one using the power tools 😉
Hubs made hole for the handle screws on each side with minimal help from me- I mean someone had to take pictures right? Then it was complete or so I thought. We thought it was to plain. So I decided to add some vinyl. Open upped my computer, picked a font I liked, and chose the letters for our first names: Daddy, Mommy, Eli, and Ben. Cut out my vinyl. Slapped it on. Rub it real good. Peel off nice and slow.
Ta Da! as my boys would say! We had a personalized cup holder with coasters! Its very simple to make if you have some extra wood lying around and someone handy with power tools as well.
Thanks to Kassi for letting me hang out here today. I hope to see many of your fabulous faces over at my space! Stop by and say hi!




I’m over at Lauren’s place sharing a fun post too! Hope you’ll pop over and say hi, then take a gander around her blog! She’s has some fun posts you won’t want to miss! 🙂
Thanks so much to Lauren for swapping with me today!
Have a lovely Thursday dolls!!!
Kassi @ Truly Lovely

Living Room Curtains

As promised I’m back today with info on the curtains from our living room before and after!

long curtains

Those are some LONG curtains peeps. 120 inchers to be exact! Before purchasing my curtains I researched like crazy!
Yeah, we all know that means I pretty much just searched for long curtains on Pinterest… but whatevs… 😉
It also included combing through every website I could think of for exactly what I wanted at exactly the price I was willing to pay!

{By the way, this is NOT a sponsored post… It’s just a site I liked and thought I’d share!}
I had seen mention of it first on this post from Decor Chick
Thank you Pinterest!

Source: via Kassi on Pinterest


Don’t you think her style of windows looks a little something similar to mine? Sort of.

Anyway, Curtain Works has all kinds of long curtains! There’s even separate pages depending on the length you need!

I ended up choosing these sailcloth, grommet topped curtains. They came in both the 120 inches that I needed for the taller windows and the 84 inches for the sitting room windows.

long curtains

Word to the wise… this website was the best deal for what I wanted. Long, dark brown, affordable curtains. BUT. They had other options that I liked but were sold out and NOT coming back. I emailed to ask. For real. SO, if you see something there that you like, get it.
Or it will be gone with no return!

As far as the curtains themselves, I’m quite happy with my purchase. They’re just heavy enough to block out the light from the top windows, and long and dark enough to add some drama to the rooms.
And come on… ANYTHING beats the before… 😉

pillows to block the sunYes, those ARE pillows. Don’t judge…. hahaha!

I got the extra long, extra sturdy curtains rods from non other than… Wal-Mart Online! I had them shipped to my store, so shipping was free, and they worked out perfectly!

cotton curtians

The only negative with our living room curtains? I ironed and ironed those puppies late into the night that I put them up…
(FYI, I put them up by myself! So you can too! Hubs was out of town.)
I washed and ran them through the dryer…
I tried the wrinkle release spray and it seemed to help a tiny bit… but really….
Those dang things are STILL wrinkled! I was hoping the weight would pull them out a little, and I guess it has…

Some people, (like Kayli) say you can’t even tell… But I can tell. I see those wrinkles every single day. Ha!

So… tips on getting them to be wrinkle free would be awesome!?!?

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Guest Bedroom Reveal

I’ll just go ahead and apologize for skipping around with my projects… 😉
Like Mandi says, don’t judge me! haha. Life gets busy and you move on from one thing to another and before you know it, you haven’t blogged about what you said um…. months ago that you would blog about… Oops.

SO here it is…

The Guest Bedroom Reveal!!

Before (view from the door) and After!

I still feel like it’s a work in progress. Aren’t our homes just one big continual project anyway… 🙂 You know, someday I’ll get a new bed frame, someday I’ll add a headboard… That kind of thing. But regardless, right now, as it is, I’m happy with it.

So… I would LOVE to know what you lovelies think???

You can see we got rid of that entertainment center and replaced it with a small dresser that belonged to my Mother in Law.
The first TV was a hand me down, so we just handed it down again and put the one that used to be in our bedroom in there.

Don’t mind those weird off color spots in the corner of the photo below… That was just my camera picking up the glare I guess…
The painting in this photo was in the hub’s childhood bedroom. It really plays up the gray color of the wall!  The two photos on the right are of my husband (as a kiddo) with his mom and grandpa and then of us with my Granny.
I spray painted the frames as decorations for our wedding, then they found a permanent home in here.
The Scentsy Plug-In is Santa Fe… It has a turquoise center which matches the bedding.

View of the closet

This was the first room I ever painted at all really. The first room I painted entirely by myself.
I talked more about painting the room here. Sure, there were some painting newbie mistakes, like how the mirror in the corner leaves scratches in the paint…

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Probably should’ve done another coat. Or used primer or something… But oh well. You live you learn, right!?! 🙂

 I talked about painting the curtain rod here. The wall hanging in this photo was a Christmas gift from my friend Meghan.
It’s that Mother Teresa poem, ‘Do It Anyway’ with a photo of a daisy. It was the MOST thoughtful gift… The poem was a favorite of my Mother in Law, and I love gerbera daisies.

View of the Window

The tutorial for the handkerchief pillow covers can be found here. I bought the teal colored sheets on sale at Wal-Mart for $12! The white pillowcases came from there as well. The comforter was on sale + a wedding gift card from JCPenney netted me that white pretty for $17!!! Originally priced at $110!!!

I won the horse photo print in a blog giveaway from Urban Antique Photography and spray painted the frame an off white. The mirror in the corner also belonged to my mother in law (as well as the small dresser).

Guest Bedroom Makeover

I’m not sure of the overall cost since I worked on this for short spurts at a time over several months. But it wasn’t much! We only bought paint, the curtains and the bedding! Everything else is hand me down, gifted or won! Now that’s MY kind of room makeover!!!
Thanks for checking out our guest bedroom! I would love to know your thoughts!

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Kassi @ Truly Lovely

A Lovely Gray Guest Room Part 2

If you missed part one of our Guest Room makeover click here
After painting the room a lovely shade of Wood Smoke gray, the next thing I wanted to add was a window treatment. See… Nothing but a white shade. 
The shade is in pretty good shape so other than cleaning it up, I left it as was. 
I thought about sewing my own sheer curtains, since the shade blocked most of the light into the room and provided enough privacy for our guests…  but lucked out in finding some white sheers with grommet tops, (like I had wanted anyway) at Wal-Mart for about $4 each. 
Sometimes store bought is just the better way to go. *Gasp*. haha

But, I was having trouble finding a curtain rod that I liked. I might have mentioned before that for shopping choices here we have Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and a few local owned stores. 

I finally found one at Wal-Mart that I liked the shape of, but not the color. 
(I have looked and looked to find you a link to the one I bought online… but just can’t find it… Sorry)

Enter Krylon white spray paint!

I just took all of the pieces of the curtain rod, laid them out outside on top of some foam I had and sprayed away. Let them dry, then turn them over and spray some more. 
Once they were fully covered and dried there were some runs in the paint. 
I’ll be honest. I should’ve done lighter and more coats, with more drying time in between.
I just get impatient. Mmkay. 
So I took a small sanding foam block and hand sanded down the drips and the edges to make everything look a little more worn and rustic. More my style anyway. 😉
Then… because the hubs wasn’t home, I took his drill and hung that sucker up! 
It took me FOREVER. Can we just say hubs is probably getting new drill bits for Christmas!!!
You’re jealous of my little pink tool set, aren’t you! 😉

Then I hung up my pretty white, store bought sheers…
And viola!! White window treatment against my lovely gray walls!
Besides needing ironed or something… I think they look nice! 🙂 What do you think?

And since you can clearly see it in these pictures, check out the WHITE down alternative comforter I scored at JCPenney on SALE! Used another gift card from our wedding and only paid about $20 for that lovely!!!
Originally priced at a WHOLE lot more than twenty bucks!! 🙂

More on the guest bedroom to come including the entire reveal!!!

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My Method for Lining Kitchen Cabinets

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, my kitchen is apple themed… 
I don’t know why apples… Just is. And I love it!
I wanted to line my cabinets and drawers in the kitchen so that they would be easy to clean and look nice. Also, as I have mentioned before, our house was lived in before we bought it, and wiping everything down, then lining it all made me feel better as far as cleanliness goes…  
All supplies for this project were purchased at my local Wal-Mart!

SO, first things first, I wiped the inside of the cabinets and drawers with Clorox disinfecting wipes
Doing so removes all the dust and germies that you don’t want getting on your dishes and cookware!


To line my kitchen cabinets, I chose a red and white checkered lining, to go with the red apples everywhere. 🙂
 I like this one because the top is smooth, so you can easily wipe it off, and it has a gripping bottom surface so it won’t slide around. 
BUT it’s not an adhesive liner, so you can remove them from the cabinets easily and wash in the washing machine!!!
My cabinets before…

To measure the lining for the cabinets, I simply placed the liner in the cabinet, marked where it should be cut, then cut it down with scissors.
When I say marked… I mean I held the spot with my thumb and pointer finger til I could get to the table and scissors. 🙂
The checkered lining was perfect for a straight cut… Just follow the lines!

 For the shelves, I laid them out on the table and repeated the step above. 

Then I simply placed the liner in the bottom of the cabinet. 
I also placed a liner on the shelf that goes in each cabinet. 

Looks much better, right?!? Adds a little something I think!
Once your finished lining your cabinets (and drawers!) you can put away your lovely new set of dishes that you received as a bridal shower gift! 🙂
 Or you know, whatever you have that needs to be put away in there… 😉

Did you notice the rope detail on the top of the cabinets??
Perfect for me and my team roping hubs to be!!! 

Do you have another method for lining kitchen cabinets and drawers?
I would love to hear about it!!!

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