Spring Potted Flower Pens

Hey there pretties! Spring is in full swing here (you could ALMOST call it summer…)!! Even if it’s not quite warming up where you are yet these Spring Potted Flower Pens are sure to brighten your day!

Since we’ve just passed Mother’s Day and all, shout out to our Momma, Lillie. This was another crafty idea that she shared with us and we then made together… You can see another Momma Lillie idea here.

potted flower pens

Materials Needed:

  • Small clay flower pots
  • Small decorative rock
  • Fake flowers
  • Green floral tape
  • A box of pens
  • Scissors
  • Vinyl cutouts or stickers for decorating your flower pots

Start by decorating your flower pots with the Spring vinyl cutouts or stickers. I cut out several butterflies, a few different floral shapes, a few twigs and leaves all in vinyl, then just peeled and stuck them on the flower pots like stickers. Each flower pot then gets filled three quarters full of the small decorative rock.

easy spring craft

To create your flower pens wrap a fake flower and a pen with floral tape. I used the long stemmed fake daisies left over from my wedding and just cut down the stems. Place the stem and the top of the pen together and simply wrap all the way down with the tape. The floral tape I used had to be wrapped really tight but it held the pen and flower well while looking like a green stem!

flower topped pens

‘Plant’ your flowers in your flower pots by sticking the pens down in the decorative rock and you’re finished! Now you have pretty Spring Potted Flower Pens to display on your desk or give as a spring gift!

easy spring decoration for the office

Happy Spring lovelies!!!

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Kassi @ Truly Lovely

Clever Snack Jar

Hey there lovelies!!!
Did you know that one of my favorite crafting supplies is vinyl!

You can add a touch of fun to just about anything with vinyl and a cutting machine or scissors!

For the project that I’m sharing today I decided to fancy up a snack jar to hold snacks at my office.
I thought and thought about a clever saying to use that would be fun but still appropriate enough to show off at work… Finally (with a little help from Kayli) I came up with this!

Funny right!?! At least I thought so… 😉
To make your own clever snack jar you’ll need a jar or other container of your choice.
Some vinyl, I used pink and turquoise for mine. And a cutting machine. I have a Silhouette SD.
If you are really talented you could trace and cut the words with scissors too!
OR even use alphabet stickers to spell out your saying! You know… just throwing a few options out there!

Since I have a Silhouette I designed my saying, “SNACKS! Hey, a Girl’s Gotta Eat!” on the computer then cut it out using my machine.

Then I used a little transfer paper to apply the vinyl onto my jar! Easy, peasy!

The last, but most important step for this craft… Filling your jar with yummy snacks!!

Hopefully yours are more creative than mine!
Maybe something like these dessert bars I made recently… 😉

Happy crafting lovelies!!!

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DYMO Label Maker Review {CSN Stores}

Hey lovelies!!!
This last weekend I finally got the chance to try out my new
DYMO LetraTag Plus Label Maker and Labels
that I received from CSN Stores!!
DYMO                                               - LetraTag Plus Label Maker, 1/2” Labels
I’d been waiting until I had a really good label project come up to try it out… But since we’re STILL waiting for our new house to close, that might take awhile… So I decided to try it out anyway!
Remember this post where I talked about being invited to review an item from CSN Stores?
Well, CSN is the best place to find those hard to find items that you can’t find elsewhere… They have EVERYTHING!!
The hardest part of ordering from them was deciding what to order!!

I finally decided on a new DYMO Label Maker and some fun metallic labels!

The item shipped quickly and arrived nicely packaged and in perfect condition!

Upon opening it up I found the label maker to be the PERFECT hand held size! It even has a little holder you can mount to the wall!
After we move, that little lovely will have a permanent home in my new craft room! For right now it fits in nicely just chillin’ in my craft cave! 😉

So… Since I didn’t have anything DYING for a new label at the moment, I tried out some of their fun fonts and backgrounds on a Truly Lovely label.

*Please pardon the blurry pictures…
I need a better camera I’ve decided… 
But until then I got a little creative with the photo editing over at Photobucket. 😉

You can see it has a LARGE easy to read screen, and a nice little snip button to cut your label once it’s printed!

I used the Shadow Effect and a Banner to get this label, but there’s TONS of options to choose from!

Later in the weekend, my future-father-in-law brought home a bag of Christmas tinsel that he’d had from decorating his office….
It needed to be added to the stash of Christmas decorations in storage…
but FIRST…

How about a NEW LABEL!!!!

In a few seconds, I had a “Christmas Tinsel” label printed and stuck right on the bag, so next year it will be easily identifiable!!

The label cartridges are so easy to pop out and replace!
And they have several colors and styles to choose from!!!
The label maker came with two cartridges, and I also chose the Metallic three pack for fun.

So… My overall review of the DYMO LetraTag Label Maker…


The only downside is like I’ve mentioned…
It’s not an item that you’ll use everyday…
Unless you’re continually changing the labels on things…
But I digress.
However, it was so handy to have when we needed a small, sticky backed Christmas Tinsel label!! 🙂

Thank you CSN Stores for allowing me to review an item!

Happy shopping lovelies!

*I was not monetarily compensated by CSN Stores for this Review.
The opinion is my own, honest viewpoint.
The only items received was the actual Label Maker and Labels.