Felt Purse Quiet Book Page

I’ve been thinking for awhile that my daughter needed a Quiet Book to use for things like Church or waiting in the dr’s office. In case you’re unversed, like my husband who said upon hearing I planned to make a quiet book, “Cool. What’s that?”, a quiet book is a book of “games” and activities for little ones that don’t make any sound. Again, perfect for those quiet places like church or riding in the car for vacation!

So, I did some research, enter Pinterest, and found there are several kinds of quiet books. Fabric, felt, combination, etc. I decided to make mine entirely out of felt. I’m using a sheet of felt for each page thus cutting down on the need to cut and sew fabric. And I’m using felt for most of the activity pieces. I pinned several fun page ideas, asked friends for ideas and decided on the pages I wanted to make and what I would need.

Felt Purse Quiet Book Page from Truly Lovely

Today I finished the first page for her book and thought I’d share each page with you all as I go along, culminating with the book as a whole as well as some fun ideas I found along the way when all is finished. So, here’s the first one, a Felt Purse Quiet Book page.

The only materials you need for this page are felt for the page, the purse, the flap and the goodies for inside the purse. You’ll also need Velcro dots for the flap fastener and yarn to attach the goodies going into the purse.

I just hand drew the purse onto the felt and cut it out. Then you’ll sew the flap down onto the felt. You could just hot glue it too if sewing isn’t your thing. It gets attached first so you can fold it over the purse body to make the flap.

How to Make a Purse Quiet Book Page

Then you’ll sew the purse body to the page, fold the flap over and attach your Velcro dots to the purse and flap to make your closure.

I also sewed on a cute felt “button” for the front of the purse flap.

Making a Felt Purse Quiet Book Page

I cut out some green felt for “paper” money, orange felt for quarters, pink felt for a hand mirror and purple felt for Chapstick. You know, the necessities every girl needs. 😉 I just drew on each piece with a permanent marker, then cut a small hole to attach a piece of white yarn. The other end of each piece of yarn was sewn inside the purse so that when she’s playing with the pieces they won’t get lost!

Felt Quiet Book Purse with goodies inside

And that’s it! I think it took me about thirty minutes to make the entire page. At that rate surely I’ll get the entire book finished before we go on vacation in a month… Hopefully. 😉

Did you make/buy/receive a quiet book for your children or when you were a kid? What was your favorite page?

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Kassi @ Truly Lovely