Why We Want AND Need A Blog Makeover

So… Over at FTLOB, of which we are a proud member!! –>
See our proud member button in our sidebar…
They are hosting a Blog Makeover Giveaway!
Awesome right?!?
One of the entry options is to write a post on why you want or need a blog makeover from Scenic Glory (the designer of the giveaway makeover).
Well… we WANT AND NEED a blog makeover! And we think Lindsay at Scenic Glory is just the girl for the job!
You see, she designed Bethani’s blog at When a Girl Met a Boy, who also happens to be Kassi’s new pen pal, more on that later…
And we LOVE it!!
Cute, right?!
So why do we WANT a blog makeover?
  • We love the look of Scenic Glory designs and want a blog that looks as cute as the ones she’s done for others! 🙂
  • We want to make our OWN stamp on blogland, and what better way than to do it with our own blog design!
Why do we NEED a blog makeover?
  • The more professional looking the blog, the more serious people are likely to take the content and we WANT to be taken seriously.
  • Because we’re using a free blog design and a makeover would seriously improve our look!
So here’s to hoping random.org chooses Truly Lovely!!!
Anyone out there willing to redesign us for FREE or at least on the cheap if we don’t get chosen?? 🙂 We would offer you a FREE sponsor spot!


  1. I wish I could! I want mine done too!! Did you see Bella's?? It looks GREAT!!!!!

  2. good luck to you!!!! ♥ i'm happy that you entered the giveaway 🙂

    hope you have had a lovely day and wishing you a magical evening as well!


  3. Awwww! I love when people want it so bad they actually do write a post:) It's great to be involved! We love you and your site is going to go far! We're going to be giving tons of opportunities to win these kinds of things:) but def. good luck and beg random.org to choose y'all:) enjoy the eve!

  4. Good luck with the blog makeover!! 🙂 I'm following from FTLOB and Twitter.

    Happy Thursday!


  5. One of my many goals this year s to give my blog a make over that really says me! Good luck!