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Hello Truly Lovely Readers! 

It is us again from J&M’s Eye Candy Blog and Shoppe!

A few weeks ago you had the chance to meet my SIL Kristine, and now it is my turn!  I am so happy and excited to have a turn here, thanks for having me Kassi!

When you’re done here hop on over to our blog to check out Kassi’s post!

I thought I’d share with you a secret of mine today… yes, I trust you won’t judge me. Heck, maybe some of you can relate??  I have a very bad habit. I really can’t break it; I’ve tried, and although I may do really well one week, the next week, BAM! Right back into my bad habit. You see, I take and print too many pictures. The taking, not so bad. That is the fun in digital cameras, shoot until your heart is content, and then delete. Not me though, I don’t delete. Since I’m totally smitten by my two kids, I print 95% of the pictures I take. What to do with all these pictures?? I scrapbook of course, but there is still more. Today I would like to share with you lovely readers one way I “used” the overload of pictures that I print on a weekly basis.

I took a little foot stool and covered it with photos!! Read on to learn how!

First gather your supplies. You will need:
Foot stool (I got mine at Michaels)
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush
Patterned Paper

If your stool is unfinished, you will want to paint it first in the color that you want it to be. I painted mine teal, and then once it dried I took orange and randomly painted streaks of orange all over.

After the paint has dried, measure the top of your stool. Cut your papers and pictures to form a collage on top. It kind of feels like you are putting together a puzzle. Arrange the pictures and paper to make sure they all fit nicely.

Take them off, and apply with a sponge brush Mod Podge to the back of the pictures and patterned paper. (TIP: I took a picture of the top of my stool so I could remember the exact placement of the pictures. I do this when I scrapbook too, snap a quick pic, then when you go to glue everything back down, you won’t forget where it was originally)

 After you have glued all of the pictures and papers back on the stool, let it dry completely.  After it has dried, take a piece of sand paper and sand the edges of the stool/pictures.

Now take your sponge brush and apply Mod Podge over the whole stool, pictures and all.  Let it dry, and then do it again.

After it dried, I ripped up strips of fabric and tied them to the bar underneath.  Why?  Not really sure yet.  I guess I wasn’t ready to be done crafting.

All done now.  A little piece of scrapbook right under our  feet, makes me SO happy 🙂  I love it when I use up pictures from my towering mountain of photos.  If you are like me, and have way too many pictures and need more ideas on what to do with them all, check out the two posts below for some other projects I made:

Flower Art

Accordion Album

Thanks for having me Kassi! Hope to see you Truly Lovely Readers in our neck of the woods soon!

A HUGE thanks to both Britney and Kristine for blog swapping with us!!! 
And for being Bloggie Besties at Truly Lovely!!! 
Again, don’t forget that discount code up top!!! Have a lovely Thursday!!!