Flower Clips: Dirt Cheap AND Cute! And a Dance Story.

*EPIC NOVEL ALERT* The point of this post is to learn how to make a flower clip for no more than pennies, but I included the back story of this craft too. I thought I’d give you fair warning that if you’re just in too much of a rush to read the story, feel free to skip over the first paragraph. I do really hope you read it though 🙂

Well lovelies, it’s Kayli again! I feel like every time I post I have a new list of excuses for NOT posting…. And this time is no different! 🙂 However, what is different is that this post actually has something to do with one of my excuses. See, I belong to this great church that has an AMAZING youth program- and every summer they have some awesome event that we get to participate in. This year my area decided to host a Dance Festival. The plan was to have youth from six different areas (about 800 kids ages 14-18) be separated into six different dances and learn them.. Then we would all get together the first weekend of June in Eagar, Arizona and perform for a crowd. So in March, we were all separated into our dances (Waltz, Tango, Cha-Cha, Jitterbug, Foxtrot and Rumba) and all through April and May- we met with the other youth in our different areas and practiced. The whole thing was a hit by the way, it came at a pretty intense time though- the Wallow Fire had just started. If you want to hear about the outcome and get the FULL story, go HERE. (I’m on the right side of the U in the U.S.A picture.) haha Anyways! I was chosen for the Jitterbug! (Which I love, by the way) The catch was, to participate- you had to have a costume- and you or someone you know had to make it with the directions given to you by your dance leader. My costume required a circle skirt with ruffle and matching sash as well as a white t-shirt, white socks, and you guessed it- a flower clip. I had to have it all really quick like and between worrying about sewing a skirt and sash, the flower hit the back burner. In the end, I had almost NO materials to work with, BUT I wasn’t about to let that get in my way. So I whipped this up in just a few minutes!

I started with a fake flower. Yeah, not the flower petals you can buy just for things like this but an honest to goodness, full, fake flower. (told you I had limited materials) ha! So I took the flower off of the stem and took the center out like so…

I removed the entire center and as I placed the different layers the way I wanted, I hot-glued them together.

Then, I took some “pearl” beads and hot-glued them into a pattern in the center. (Be careful not to add too many so that your flower isn’t too heavy) <– Because I almost did! haha

Once my beads were set I flipped the flower over and glued a barrette to the back. (yes, I know, most people use felt in these situations. Let us not forget, LIMITED SUPPLIES)

And just like that, you have a flower clip! Perfect for dancing, or in my case Jitterbugging, the night away!

I still wear this little pretty and love it so much, not bad for fake dollar store flowers. Let’s call it an upcycle, yes? 🙂

If you try it- let me know how it goes- nothing better than a dirt cheap and STILL cute accessory right??

Happy Crafting!


  1. Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty says:

    Soooo Cute..LOVE it!