WIWW – Old Navy Jeans!

My sister and I had the opportunity to choose a FREE pair of Old Navy jeans last weekend!! 
Have you heard of CrowdTap? Surely you have… I have been mentioning it on Twitter and Facebook a lot lately! 
Reason being… I was chosen to do a FUN Old Navy Sample and Share!!! 
That meant I got a coupon for a FREE pair of Old Navy jeans and one to give to a friend… 
My friend… Miss Kayli of course!!

I chose the Flirt boot cut jeans
*Please excuse the rough pictures… Had the hubs take them for us. 
And although he’s awesome… He’s clearly not a pro… haha. 

Miss Kayli chose the Dreamer boot cut jeans

As you can see… I’m a little taller… And much longer legged than Miss Kayli, so my jeans had to be LONG! Kayli’s however, were a little longer than she wanted, so she just cuffed them up a little. 
Added a cute little something don’t you think!

It’s always fun shopping with your sister, and at Old Navy especially! 
They just redesigned the Old Navy we visit, and it was SO easy to locate the jeans we wanted, get them tried on and purchased all in just a few minutes. 

We were actually supposed to be at Kayli’s new college place to meet a delivery guy and we got into Old Navy, done and out faster than we had planned!

Things I LOVE about my new jeans…
They’re stretchy! That meant I took two sizes to the dressing room, and came out with the smaller size! 
Always an ego boost! haha
They have them in Long, Short, and Regular. SO me and my LONG legs were happy at the same time as Miss Kayli’s SHORTER legs! 🙂

Since we’re coming up on school starting, Fall, cooler weather… 
Someday… haha. 
It’s the perfect time to go jeans shopping friends! 🙂

What about you? Made any good clothing purchases lately?

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  1. Life In The Thrifty Lane says:

    I love Old Navy jeans, I use them all the time and they really fit nicely.

  2. Vintage Precious says:

    How fun is that!! 🙂