Blog Critique Party {CLOSED}

Hello lovelies! 
So I didn’t mean to take a break from the Bloggie Bestie posts on Thursdays… 
It just sort of happened. 

But that’s ok, it makes room for other fun posts like (what I’m hoping) will be a fun post today. That said, I’d like to get the Bloggie Bestie posts started once again, so if you’re interested in blog swapping with us here at Truly Lovely we would be thrilled to have you! 
Kayli is also open to blog swapping now in her more involved roll taken on for 2012, so if you’d like to blog swap with Kayli, or myself, please shoot us an email! 🙂

Now, I know several people have been making blog goals for 2012, including us here at Truly Lovely. 
Often one of those goals is creating a better blog presence 
(i.e. layout, background, color scheme, post quality, etc). 
The only way to know how you’re doing already is to critique your blog. 
A better way to go about that is to have someone else critique your blog
Sure you can ask a close blogging friend, but will they be honest?
Surely, but maybe not completely. 

Enter in my idea! Let’s do a blog critique party
If you’re interested in having your blog critiqued by another blogger, comment below. 
{Please make sure your email is connected to your account or that you leave your email address in your comment!}
I’ll randomly assign each person who links up, two other blogs to critique. 
With that you’ll receive two critiques of your own blog!

To be fair and so that everyone is on the same page, I ask that while critiquing you follow the
I’ve already gone through it once with a close blogging friend and feel like it worked well… You can copy the questions into an email and send your answers over to your critique partners. Or you can do a write up of your answers and send over in an email. Either way, let them know your honest, but FAIR opinion of their blog. Cool???

You’ll have until Monday to comment. I’ll make the partner matches and let everyone know who they will be critiquing in an email on Tuesday afternoon. From there, I ask that you have your blog critique done and sent to your two partners before the end of next week. Yes?? 
{*By commenting below you agree to those terms.}

Hopefully this will help us get a feel for how our blogs are perceived by others and an idea of a few things to work on for the New Year! 
At the very least hopefully you can find a few new blogging buddies in your critique partners!
We’ll be joining in as well, so to whoever we get matched with… be kind. 😉
If you have any questions, either comment with those below or shoot us an email. 


  1. Fantastic idea – thanks for organising. I'm in –

  2. Life In The Thrifty Lane says:

    Thanks for hosting Kassi! I'm in!

  3. Thanks for hosting this! I'm so ready. I can handle whatever people throw at me. Let's get this critiquing (<– wow, that's spelled weird) thing going!!

  4. Jenn McClure- Caldwell says:

    I'm in! Ramblings of a Nutcase!

    <3 Jenn

  5. worldwidemom says:

    I'm in too!!! That's sounds interesting!

  6. Abbie @ lovinourchaos says:

    I'm in. thanks for the tweet shout out!

  7. Steph @ Crafting in the Rain says:

    Yep, I'll play too!

  8. Jodi Hall says:

    Im in..

  9. Great idea! I've been wanting on outsider's perspective on my blog.

    -kimberly 🙂

  10. Kara @ Mine for the Making says:

    Count me in 🙂

  11. Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts says:

    sign me up 🙂

  12. Amanda Dale says:

    Sign me up, please! The Ivy Cottage Blog!

  13. Megan Hellrung says:

    Awesome idea ! I would love to be part of this.

  14. Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch says:

    sounds like a great idea, I'm in. Constructive critique are important to improving so I appreciate any feedback. I'll also interested in a blog swap but probably not before March. Let me know if that appeals to you.

  15. homeiswhatyoumakeit says:

    I would love to be a part of this! Thanks for hosting!
    stephany @ home is…what you make it

  16. RockPrincess760 says:
  17. Monique Oh Darling Bride says:

    Hi Kassi, I love the idea :)Count me in {}

  18. amanda.c09 says:
  19. Jennifer @ Town and Country Living says:

    Count me in, too! Sounds like a great idea. Thanks for doing this.

  20. I am loving this idea! 🙂 Count me in!

    From House to Home

  21. I would like to participate. I've been blogging for a year on a very small scale and would appreciate any constructive criticism.

  22. twobutterflies says:

    Sounds really interesting. Sign me up, please.

  23. SDFarmWife says:

    Great idea! I would love to participate!

  24. The Kelley's says:

    I'm excited about this, especially since my craft blog is new!

  25. glamourpuss says:
  26. BabiesandBargains says:

    Im in my blog needs so much work!

  27. I love this idea! I've been feeling like my blog is missing something lately. Count me in!


  28. Christine Thomas says:

    Great idea!! I'm in.

  29. Stone Cottage Adventures says:

    Me, too!

    What a great idea! Thank you! -Marci

  30. Alecia @ ChickenScratch NY says:

    Always up for a critique!

  31. Sarah @ Simply Sarah says:

    This is a really great idea! I'm in!

  32. I'm interested in feedback

  33. Ami w/AliLilly says:

    Seriously!! I LOVE this idea!! I'm totally in!!!!

  34. I'm in!

  35. I'd love suggestions for my blog. 🙂

  36. Ladybird Ln says:

    I am in, it would be nice to have some fresh eyes look at my blog!


  37. If it isn't too late I would love to join in. I know I need lots and lots of help.