Sponsor Spotlight Plus Fun Date Ideas

We LOVE our sponsors… and we really hope that they love us… 
Let’s share a little love this Valentine’s Day month, huh!?

Still looking for a Valentine’s date idea??
Meet our awesome sponsors and their loves, then read about their most FAVORITE date! Share the love by clicking over and commenting on their SUPER fun blogs! 
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Alyx’s Favorite Date – “Oh my gosh… Best date? Would have to be with my husband when we first started dating. He had just gotten back from his mission (in the LDS church, young men can volunteer to go abroad for 2 years and teach what we believe), so he was living at home while he looked for an apartment. His parents lived out in the middle of nowhere and had a lake in their front yard. We went paddle boating, had foil dinners, roasted marshmallows, and laid out under the stars. It was perfect. Sorry if you men out there don’t have a lake and warm weather readily available for this date idea. 🙂
Jerri’s Favorite Date – “What’s a date? Haha. I’m kidding! But it is a tough question. I guess the best date I’ve been on lately was for my birthday. We went to my favorite local Italian place and ordered wings, grilled chicken alfredo, and cannolis for dessert!  Then my husband took me shopping for some birthday presents. (He hates shopping, so this was extra special!)  And then we came home and had birthday cake.
Jodi’s Favorite Date – “We didn’t celebrate Valentines Day on the actual day for a long time and one year my husband woke me early and put a blindfold on once I got in the car, drove me around for a bit and then walked me into a building which was a hotel room. We did a mini-vacation and went to dinner and it was just wonderful to spend time with him. The perfect Valentines Day.
Bobbi’s Favorite Date – “Two Valentines day stick out in my mind.  The first would be our very First Valentines day together.  He took me to the nicest restaurant in town, we got all dressed up, we had to borrow clothes because we were in college and didn’t have nice clothes with us.  He bought me a big lighted diamond ring, told me that it would have to do until he bought me a real one.  To this day I have that ring, and it still lights up.

The second would have to be the Valentines before we moved to Mississippi.  We went to an amazing restaurant next to the Airport where they had a 7 course meal with champagne and roses.  It was so romantic and beautiful!  Those were definitely the best Valentines ever!  Now, we spend Valentines with our boys, doing whatever, they are special because we are together, but if anyone wants to babysit, I would love a romantic dinner with my husband again alone! ðŸ˜‰ 

Rachael’s Favorite Date – “We are pretty low key, so I don’t have any super date ideas…our standard is dinner and a movie-which was also our first date. But we have also been skiing on a date which was fun 🙂 We also go hiking quite a bit.
Kristine’s Favorite Date – “Going to a Packer Playoff game! It was SNOWING like a beast, we could barely see the field. We reminisce about the hot chocolate and frozen beers in our hands, cheering and high-fiving “strangers” next to us, it was such a fun time!! And we won to boot! We enjoy going to sporting events together, and are long overdue for one :)”
Aleks’ Favorite Date – “My favorite date? Well, first you have to know that I can’t be wooed with roses, fine dining, and movies. (sidenote: Fiance and I haven’t even been to the theatre more than 4 times in the last 5 years)  I like simple, outdoors, and cheese. My absolute most favorite date of all time is ordering a hot cheesy pizza, packing a couple drinks (beer is great haha), a blanket and eating outside. I swear there is very little that beats beer and pizza. My fiance and I used to go to this hill at Purdue University during the summers, have a pizza picnic and watch the guys playing baseball. It was so amazing!”
My Favorite Date – “Hubs and I enjoy going to concerts! The local center for the arts brings in really great bands every few months. The tickets there are only $15! If you look awhile in advance you can find really fun things to go do at a decent price! Above photo is at a Reckless Heart concert!

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  1. Oh! What great ideas! I am so honored to be a part of this amazing group of women!! Thanks so much!

  2. Kristine Foley @ TheFoleyFam says:

    YAY for meeting and making new friend!! Love the line up and the feature! Thanks Kassi! P.S. Fun to see you and YOUR Nate 🙂 XOXO

  3. So many great ideas!! I loved "meeting" the different couples too. We've always spent hours in the kitchen making a very special dinner for Valentine's day. One year was Lobster Thermidor, another was Truffle Scollops and Risotto. We love spending the time together & making something we never have the time to do on the other 364 days.