Woolite Extra Dark Care

Jeans are a staple in our house. It’s what both me and the husband wear on a day to day basis. Even my shorts and capris are mostly denim… at the very least they certainly fit into the “darks” category when sorting my laundry.

Thanks to Crowdtap (if you haven’t joined yet, you totally should) I was able to host a Woolite Extra Dark Sample and Share. I received several samples to pass out to friends for them to try, as well as a sample for myself!

It just so happened that the samples came in right before I paid a visit to my hometown for the annual Pioneer Days celebration. It was perfect timing since most of my family was in town and available to collect their samples!
Below you’ll see a few of my sample recipients with what they had to say about the Woolite Extra Dark Care Sample.

Once I got home from the weekend away I had plenty of laundry to test my sample on… {Isn’t that how it always is coming back from a vacation?!?}

My thoughts on the Woolite Extra Dark sample… I am a HUGE fragrance person. I want my laundry to smell clean and fresh. I love that the Woolite had a nice clean smell that was strong enough to slightly notice without being overwhelming.
I also appreciated that the amount needed for a load wasn’t a whole lot. I hate having to continually go back to the store for more detergent… I like that you can use a small-ish amount and still get your clothes clean.

So, tell me friends. Have you tried Woolite Extra Dark Care yet??
Do you have any special laundry tips or tricks? I’m always up for something new!

My friends and I each received a sample of the Woolite Extra Dark Care via CrowdTap, as always all opinion are 100% my own or clearly solicited from those who took part in my sample and share. 

Kassi @ Truly Lovely


  1. I haven’t tried this stuff, but maybe I should!