Container Gardening with the Gardenieres

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My grandmothers and mom instilled a love in me for growing things. If you’ve hung around Truly Lovely for awhile, you might have heard that before... But the soil on our property is not exactly ideal for growing a garden. It’s more of a really thin sand than anything else.

A solution that I’m considering is to plant a container garden. That way I can completely control the soil needed for growing what I want. To learn about how to create a container garden I turned to the Miracle-Gro Facebook page. Did you know they have a team of gardening experts called the Gardenieres that are located all over the country so they have tips on gardening in your specific region?

(1) Miracle-Gro


I clicked over to their website and browsed through the videos there until I found one on container gardens! Armed with these tips I now have somewhere to start and an idea of what items I need!

Miracle-Gro makes potting soil specifically for container planting! Their potting mix has a combination of specific nutrients that are meant to help plants in a container grow more efficiently. It’s also formulated to let water in, hold it in, and then release it to let air get to the roots of your plants.


Once I have the containers and the right soil it’s just a matter of deciding what to grow!

Your turn: What’s your suggestion for plants I should grow in my container garden?

Do you have a favorite herb?

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Happy gardening lovelies!!!

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Kassi @ Truly Lovely