Red Letter Paper Co. Christian Greeting Cards

Happy Monday pretties!!! Since we have a VERY important birthday coming up tomorrow, Miss Kayli’s of course, today seems like the perfect time to introduce you to a fun greeting card company!

Red Letter Paper Co. is, and I’ll paraphrase, Christian cards with a modern edge. The designer, Stephanie, is based out of Santa Fe, NM – hello fellow New Mexican!!! Me in the former, her now. 😉 She creates cards with a Christian message that aren’t well…. lame. Her cards are fun and unique, the perfect combination!

Take for example the two cards I chose… A birthday card for my dad and a just because card to send to a friend.

Christian Greeting Card Company

Each card has a scripture on the back, the birthday card showcases Psalm 40:4 while the iPhone card has Isaiah 6:8. A great way to include a little Christian touch without being completely in your face. Love that!

Both cards are printed on quality card stock paper with crisp, clear print. This fun, ‘not sent from my iPhone’ card is one of my favorites from her shop! Isn’t that the point of sending a greeting card!?! Everyone I know loves to receive snail mail now and again, so why not say hello with a REAL card as opposed to a text message!?! 🙂

unique greeting card

The father birthday card is perfect for my dad. His birthday is a week after Kayli’s and now we have a card we can give him together. A Dad and his two girls on the front is a unique way to say Happy Birthday to our pops!

Both cards are blank on the inside with plenty of room to write whatever message we’d like to share.

So, how about indulging in one of Kayli’s most favorite things this week in honor of her birthday?? Write a actual message on an actual greeting card and stick it in the mail! 🙂 Check out Red Letter Paper Co. for some fun cards to get you started!

Disclosure: I received two cards from Red Letter Paper Co. in exchange for my honest review. As always opinions shared here are 100% my own!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely


  1. Maribel Reyes says:

    I am a big fun of writing cards and placing them in the mail. I love the anticipation of thinking when the other person receives my letter or note and gets a surprise from it. the smile and warmth they feel in their heart…

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Kayli and I both love sending and receiving mail as well! Especially a cute card like these! Thanks for the visit today Maribel!!

    • That’s it exactly, Maribel! I know it makes my day when I get snail mail, so I love getting to be part of others’ snail mail interactions too 🙂

  2. These cards are absolutely adorable, thanks for sharing this company I have a love for cards so I definitely love it!


  3. Thanks so much for featuring me, Kassi and Kayli! It’s an honor!

    And happy birthday, Kayli!

  4. I am loving these! So many Christian cards are NOT my style. These are rad! Thank you so much for sharing this legit resource. I am off the stock up on non-lame Christian cards 🙂

  5. Ah so cute! love the {not sent from iphone}. Very clever..

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Isn’t it fun!?! I can’t wait to send it to my friend, she’ll crack up! haha